Joe's IBM 5100 Computer

Modified 1/2/98

What! You never heard of a 5100? Well it's not surprising. Even though IBM called it a Personal Computer, they cost around $15,000 in 1975! The model number 5100 indicates that it is indeed the forerunner of the IBM PC (model 5150) and PC XT (model 5160) and all the ones that followed. One of the most unusual features of the 5100s is that they could run BASIC or APL or both. The C01 designation on my 5100 indicates that it came with both APL and BASIC build-in and with a whopping 16K of memory!

IBM 5100 Portable Computer
CPU: IBM proprietary IC module
Manufacturer: IBM
Original Price: $20,000 - Original Date: 1975

Photo of IBM 5100 Portable Computer

Photo of 5100 Accessories

photos courtesy of H. Layer (c) 1995

Many thanks to John Galie of IBM Corp. for his help in researching the history of this unique computer. Note: this computer has since been sold. It is not available.

This page was created by Joe Rigdon, Oviedo, Florida in the interest of preserving old calculator and Computer technology and history , even if it is an IBM. All original material is copyright 1997 by Joe Rigdon, all rights reserved.